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Shipping Policy

Shipping Information

All Orders will be shipped by a postal service or courier of our choice.  In all instances the order will be deemed delivered should the tracking information display delivered. 

Where tracking information is not updated or unavailable, and, after 30 days from date of shipping has passed, the order will be deemed as delivered.

Should the order be seized by customs, no refund or replacement will be sent.  It is your responsibility to determine the legality of the products you are ordering.


We do not accept returns.  If the incorrect item is shipped or an item is omitted from the order, then we will send that separately, or refund the amount of the omitted item.

All orders correctly processed are considered final.


Refunds only occur on parcels lost in transit, and specifically not seized by customs.  Should you wish us to re-ship the order then no additional refund will occur, regardless of whether it reaches you or not.


Multiple payment options are available

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